We’re glad that you’ve found us, and now that you have, I’m sure that you want to know more. Bay Life is the extension of a dream that was birthed 27 years ago when a local Baptist pastor became weary of church games. That discontent led to the idea of a church for the unchurched: "the perfect place for imperfect people." Bay Life is the newest expression of the desire for a family of people working out their faith through the challenges of life in authentic expression.

For that reason, our Sunday worship experience is intended to be real, rational and relatable. The music is provided by a worship team leading through the best of contemporary Christian songs. The preaching is more like sharing a journey, finding answers to life’s most perplexing issues without sounding like “God speak.” We offer supporting ministries for babies through senior high students, staffed by loving workers on Sunday mornings.



Aside from the Sunday Worship event, we offer Life Groups throughout the week in which we build relationships in a caring community while studying the Bible. Check out the Welcome Center where we have listings of all our Life Groups.